George Huitker
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Born and raised in Canberra Australia, George Huitker is inspired to help people see beyond themselves by investing their time and energy in working with others who have fewer, if any, choices in their lives. Mentor, writer, musician, actor, teacher, sports coach - George, at the age of 51, is still asking the question, "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?"


My hope is for a richer life for everyone and I suspect this only truly occurs when we actually do something that is considered and considerate, and which inevitably enriches the lives of others. And that may mean one has to stop being so “busy” and find the time, space and inclination to stop sitting, talking or tapping and to live beyond oneself. As Grant Morrison once wrote, “Amid all the bangs and the drama and the grand passions, it’s kindness and just ordinary goodness that stands out in the end.

- George Huitker